New Diary Comic about SAD TIME! WHAT A SURPRISE!

It’s been a while since I did a for realz Diary Comic and today when I went to grab coffee and sit and draw one… i realized i forgot my pencil box!  I borrowed a ball-point pen and drew a whole comic without erasing for the first time – I am actually pretty proud!  This comic is my first AS IS comic, no erasing, no white out and the only photo shop is the coloring.  It doesn’t look anything like what I normally do, but I hope ya’ll will enjoy it!




Some notes about this particular comic…

I have this program where you get an email that tells you what happened on that day on Facebook a year ago, and this week was when I first heard this song.  All of us remember, there are over 300 MILLION views on Youtube, and maybe we loved it so much because it was so unfortunately realistic.

I normally wouldn’t put so many words in a comic, but I needed to say it – I’ve always wanted to say it.  And maybe some of you who know me are thinking “OMG WHY IS SHE STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS IT WAS A YEAR AGO” well… sorry, but it happened and  it was rough and hard and it’s a part of me now, and probably always will be.

I like writing about real things and real things aren’t always good, and most things don’t work out, and that’s ok!  We all have dark times but it gets sunny again :)


I love you all!  <3