Inktober 5: Ma Petit Rouge

This is also another favorite, cause who doesn’t love ghost-posession stories. Today I give you:  “The Tale of the Hungry Hounds”


On a very boring summer today, two girls play with an ouija board.  By the end of the day, one of them is definitely posessed by her dead aunts ghost. Why?  Cause she wants to see her fox and she has to feed her dogs.   I mean I get it, if I was going to haunt or posess someone, it would probably be to see my cats.

Told by Kristen, who you may also know as Sally, Nancy or even Cher from the tv version of Clueless!  (I totally forgot to draw her though, my bad!)

Kids: dont do Ouija unless you want you aunts ghost posessing you – Just Say No!




Inktober 4: David and the Lonely Ghost

Welcome to day 4 of Inktober, featuring a drawing inspired by “Are You Afraid of the Dark” everyday for 31 days.

Today’s is brought to you by “The Tale of the Lonely Ghost”, one of my personal favorite ones.  Told be sweet lil 90’s boy toy David, who has some really good stories that are pretty dark and emotional (feeling hopeless,  dealing with a sibling death, etc.). This one is no exception, as it ultimately deals with a young child that dies and her mother who ends up sad and miserable her entire life, until she literally decides to join her ghost daughter in a ghost mirror and live happily ever after-life.   Don’t tell my parents, but this is also the reason I decided to write “Help Me, Help Me” backwards in my closet (which I’m sure was an interesting find to the next home-owners).

Inktober 4

Also let’s just take a moment here to REALLY appreciate David’s adorable 90’s look (oh that moppy hair…. )


Inktober Day 3: Nightmare Fuel

I am of course re-watching the series for this project, and to be honest, I usually watch the series during Halloween season anyway.

HOWEVER.  There is one episode I do NOT watch  Not even 28 years later at the age of 33.   I will NOT watch “Laughing in the Dark”.

Inktober 3

Laughing in the Dark is the story of a white suburban douche-bag who gets haunted by a carnival fun house clown after stealing his nose – and rightly so because this kid is an asshole.

The story of course is told be Betty Anne, because despite her cute quiet nice girl demeanor, she is CLEARLY A PSYCHO.  How do I know?  Cause she invented Zeebo the clown, turns kids into dolls and created a super creepy haunted house that traps people in walls and has an evil ghost baby.   She probably grew up to be a serial killer.  But, she’s a good story teller.

Inktober Day 2: va Va VA

Welcome to Inktober – DAY 2


This year my inktober theme is “Are You Afraid of the Dark” .  Yesterday was really more of the introduction day, but now we are really ready to roll.   Day 2: The Phantom Cab.

Trivia Pop Quiz:  What was the very first episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark?  You guessed it, The Tale of the Phantom Cab. The show started off strong with a creepy, but smart ghost story, told by bad-boy, bandanna-wearing, heart-throb Frank, during his initiation.  There’s a reason they let him in – it’s a pretty good story, and also is the very first time we see Frank’s character, Dr. Vink, with a VA VA VAAAAA.

Inktober 2.jpg


Now, before we go, i have another trivia question for you.

What’s weightless, can be seen by the naked eye, and if put in a barrel, will make it lighter?

Better answer fast… your life may depend on it…


Rabbit Rabbit, here we go!

That’s right folks, it’s October 1st, which means it’s the first day of INKTOBER!!!  For those who do not know, Inktober is a fun event every october where you draw straight from ink to paper for 31 days, every day.   There’s usually an actual prompt list that you follow, but I’ve never done that.   Last year I did the ABCs of halloween (but didn’t finish) and two years ago I did A Witch a Day, which you can review HERE.


But it’s 2018, so let’s talk about the here and now.

For this years’s Inktober my personal drawing theme is…


Inktober 1

That’s right, one of my all time favorite 90s show, all packed with friends, a campfire in the woods, and spooky stories.


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I just completed a mini poster (post card size) that i was working on this summer.

I am apart of some amazing True Crime groups and they inspire me everyday to be my self, and stay sexy and not get murdered.

The mini-poster shows the infamous last meals of 6 murders and serial killers, chosen not because of the person but the meal they requested.


death row poster.png

The story goes that Aileen Wuernos, murdered 7 men in Florida, didn’t believe she was actually going to die the following day, so she asked for a simple cup of coffee.

Victor Feguer, kidnapped and murdered a Doctor, asked for a single solitary olive.

Velma Barfield, poisoned 5-7 people, asked for coke and CHEESE DOODLES, NOT Cheetos, CHEESE DOODLES – because she was clearly a psychopath.

John Wayne Gacy, a living monster, murdered 33+.  He owned a KFC franchise, and asked for a bucket of original recipe for his last meal, along with cocktail shrimp and a pound of strawberries.

Timothy Mcveigh, who’s evil deeds shaped my generation, killed 168 people.  He ate two pints of mint chocolate chip icecream.


Ted Bundy. murdered 14 women, possibly more.  He refused to give a last meal request so was actually given the traditional Steak and Eggs meal, with a side of toast hashbrowns and milk.  However, Bundy didn’t touch any of it, meaning his actual last meal was a casual lunch of a burrito and rice with a salad.

New Items in the Shop!

It’s May – YAY!  So of course a I have a new Mother’s Day card this year!

Mother's Day

As well as some old favorites for you to enjoy!

Another new card design is in the shop, and it’s one of my new favorites (No it doesn’t have to do with Mother’s Day, but I’m not going to tell you how to use it or who to send it to… )



Find it at Rachel Foss Design on ETSY! 





I hope everyone is having sunny days and beautiful weather like we are!  Whatever it’s like outside – I hope whatever you’re doing today is beautiful!



Much LOVE Monday: new art!

my goodness, it is April 9th and there’s pretty much a blizzard out in Chicago right now!   What is going on!?!?!?!?!?



But GOOD news is with the crappy cold weather I’ve actually been staying home and making art!

I just finished this new painting i really like:

space comic .jpg

I’ll finally be opening the studio to the public at the end of this month and I can’t wait to show this new piece off to visitors!