I basically took a month off to catch up on life and what not, SO, I am excited to announce two new projects coming up:

FIRST, a fun thing I have been doing all summer is sketching people I see around Chicago who look chic and are wearing interesting, creative fashion statements.  I just started a tumblr called Fashionable Chicago where I will be posting these drawings, and also allow people to submit their own drawings and pictures to the blog.  This project will be EXCLUSIVELY on Tumblr, so if you want to see updates, you will have to follow the blog!




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NEXT – and most excitingly  (*^▽^*)

Today I officially begin work on a web comic that will be released to the public on OCTOBER 1, 2013

This comic will be based on my family history, each chapter will be about a different section of my family.  I am so excited about this project, partly because I am passionate about the story and work i am doing, and partly because I have already discovered some interesting facts and met wonderful people through research.

This first chapter will be about my mother’s-mother’s parents, who hail from an ole’ mining town in St. Austell, Cornwall, England.

st austell001 SInce I will be working hard and focusing on this particular project, you might not see many updates from me on here until the comic launches, so don’t be worried – Ill be back in a few months.

Love every one of you.


Illustrative Update

If you remember, last fall i did a fundraiser so I could go to MICE, and i only just recently finished the single pages!!! Sorry it took so long, friends.  I still have to do one full page comic for a contributor, but thats’ going to take a little more time.

Here are a couple i sent out!





mels drawing


This is the one I did for my sister.  I went a LITTLE beyond what she paid for… but she’s my sister and I wanted to do something nice for her and the family for christmas :)


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ALSO – i did this yesterday

reading tree final - FILTER


if you are interested in commissions, email me at

catch you later, lovelies

Happy Spring!

Back to Print

A friend of mine runs a local self-publishing company called Back to Print and last month came out with a wonderful zine collection of stories about FAMILY.  I was asked to do a few illustrations to accompany the stories!

Photo 50

Photo 53

This is one of the drawings inspired by a story of a dad who started feeding wild animals in the back yard.


Im pretty proud; it was the first time i was able to draw BIRDS!

If you live in the Chicago area, stop by Quimby’s to pick up a copy, or one of Back to Print’s other great creations!



I am almost caught up with EVERYTHING i needed to do in december, but I have been terribly overwhelmed with everything since recovering from my accident (IN A GOOD WAY!)

I recently got hired to do a children’s book and between that and my day job ive been working over 100 hours a WEEK – needless to say ive had no time and have been a wee-bit tired.

SO starting today, I am offically a full-time freelancer while I work on the book, and in hopes that i will pick up more work in the mean time – it’s scary but exciting.

That being said, obviously there was no EMPTY BED last week… or THIS WEEK

I am changing the Empty Bed posts from Monday to Tuesday, so look at for that later tonight!

so for now, here’s a little comic i did this morning about my last week…

yay being an adult!


Back and Ready

December was a mess – basically NOTHING was accomplished due to various injuries and such, so unfortunately I am behind on comics and drawings and writing back people and so on and so forth



So over the weekend I quickly (and sloppily) drew this comic review of my year, for and to me and all my viewers out there, so you know where I am coming from and why I go the way I go and do what I do.

I certainly do go to the hospital a lot.


*Empty Bed will be back tomorrow morning and every Monday like before, as well as our other regularly scheduled programs

hope everyone had a rad holiday season.