Much Love Monday: The New Boss

Today on our beautiful Much Love Monday there is so much to celebrate

  1. After a rough winter in Chicago it is 60+ degrees!
  2. I look hella cute today
  3. I started my new position at work!





I definitely have a lot to celebrate today but it’s still important to look for the little things when there aren’t as many obvious thing to love.


I hope you are having a Much Love Monday <3

Much Love Monday – Almost February



It’s Monday, and it’s almost February, and we currently going through the annual “January Thaw” here in Chicago, which means the worst is yet to come…

But for now, I will give me love and thoughts to my world.   In Chicago there is a neighborhood called Humboldt Park – which houses one of my favorite places in the world… Humboldt Park :)   Sadly Humboldt is also known for really terrible crime, which seems to have surged recently – and the reason it breaks my heart is because I love this place so much (and it’s not even my neighborhood!)  I spent my Sunday in the area and just loved it and I can’t wait until spring and summer when the flowers will bloom, and ill pick new garden plants at Adams and Son and ride my bike to the Boathouse at the (Humboldt) Park. So this Monday, i give it to you Humboldt Park Chicago


Much Love Monday: Home and Space

This past week I had a very stressful move (which is a little redundant, since 99% of all moves are stressful)  but for real… I am so glad it’s over.

My move is an adjustment, it’s a smaller place, new people, different set of rules, but as the days pass and I start to clean and unpack and spend time, I am really enjoying and appreciating it.

My new place is in my old neighborhood that I lived in years ago.  There are some things I get to go back to, old hangouts, routes etc.  But there are also a lot more new things that have really been keeping me exciting, so it feels like a new place.

Either way I had some kind people and lovely friends keep me company over the weekend to really bring down my stress level and lift my spirits.  So this Much Love Monday is all about:  Finding home and enjoying your space –


Much Love Monday: Food with Friends


c74e6bee754f84058888658b1c8d9d83This week I am celebrating what a lovely time I was able to have with people I care about.   Eating with friends is one of life’s biggest blessings, especially when it’s with someone you really enjoy and makes your life better :)

This week’s Much Love Monday is loving eating together <3



Happy Monday ;)

Bringing Back the Love



YEARS ago… YEARS I’m tellin ya, I used to participate in this blog thing called Much Love Monday, started by Anna from Much Love Anna.  I loved it – it was so positive and really made me think about the things I was thankful for.   I feel like I really need that again in my life (there is so much negativity on the internet these days. )

So I am bringing back Much Love Monday for this blog, starting with the beginning of May:  May 1 2017.  May Day, Beltane, Merryiest Rabbit Rabbit Day.

So on this first Much Love Monday, I love spring, Beltane flowers, festivals, fetes. Happy Monday :)



Much LOVE Monday: Bike-riding in FEBRUARY?

Yesterday i went on a 6-mile bike ride for the first time since last summer and it was AMAZING.  Im in Vermont, in the mountains, and its 40 degrees in the middle of February?  Heck YES i am going to go on BIKE RIDES!  IM going to keep riding too, for as long as i can

That's my baby - Miss St. Clair - lookin out over the Connecticut River on the Upper Valley Trail

So today, I am loving MID WINTER BIKE RIDES!!!!!

if you would like to participate in Much Love Monday, check out Anna’s Blog!


– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Ok, i am FULLY aware of the fact that the reason why this winter has been so warm is because of Global Warming and I absolutely agree that it’s horrible and everything… and to be honest I have really missed having a good hard winter (i havent even had a chance to make  a snowman…)  But instead of always complaing about weather, if its too hot or too cold or to blah blah blah – why not appreciate what you have when you have it?  Ive been able to wear regular shoes instead of boots all week, I’ve had my windows open breathing fresh cool mountain air, and i went on TWO Bike rides in February… IN FEBRUARY!!!!  You can’t say thats not awesome.

So, therefore, today’s Much Love Monday is dedicated to Warm Winter days







If you would like to participate in MUCH LOVE MONDAY check out Anna’s Blog!

Melancholy Monday

It’s not often a feel this meloncholy, and certianly not on beautiful days like today

I know it’s supposed to be Much Love Monday, but you have to let yourself be sad once in a while, it’s good for you.

Just case any of you are feeling down this week, here’s a playlist to maybe make you feel good about feeling bad – after all, sometimes Sadness can be a Blessing :)





Much LOVE Monday

It’s been a while since MLM but im happy to be back; settled in and fever free.

Today’s Much Love Monday is dedicated to LOVE LETTERS

I was inspired by different movements such as The Letter Writer Alliance, Mix Tape Share, and The PenPal Project, so I asked a few choice loves in Grand Rapids to send me letters to keep in touch, and i received my first two this weekend!  I asked to send drawings and mixtapes and recipes, etc.  Plus whatever is going on their life – im really looking forward to more letters and sending back little trinkets like tiny bottles of vermont syrup and personalized vermont sugar packets :)

From my Loves, Pearl and Joelle

If any of you fine people would like to send me a love letter, shoot me a message and ill send you something!