Throw Back Thursdays: and Other Quarantine Fun Times

Look, we are having a MOMENT in history, and it’s not a great moment. And to get out of this quickly and safely we have to STAY HOME – and in order to stay home and not lose our gawdamn minds we have to start having a little fun.    Until Quarantine is over I will be doing a:
Much Love Monday

Good News Tues / Tasty Tuesday

Wellness Wednesday

Throwback Thursday

Fancy Frock Friday / Fan Art Friday


Starting today with #Throwback thursday :  Two years ago today I was on a plane to Iceland!


Happy Anniversary ME! 💖


As today is Ash Wednesday in the year of our Lord 2020, it marks the 10th anniversary of this BLOG!  (Hurray!)



Yes indeed, what a strange 10 years it has been. I started the blog when I was 24 years old as a way to share my daily life during the Lenten season.  Fun Fact: I have not celebrated Lent since that year. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Instead this blog morphed into random posts as I grew as a person and as an artist. It started at the beginning of my comics career (said loosely, cuz I don’t do that as a career but I do it much more professionally now I guess?). It’s amazing to think about the person that I was back then.  It wasn’t bad – in fact it was really really good – but I had a lot to go through and a lot of growing to do still.

I’ve never been good at blogging, even back when I cared way more about this blog.  So it never became what I really wanted it to be… but I’m proud of the work that I have accomplished in the past 10 years.  For real –  use the search to look back at the first posts – It’s pretty hilarious.  It’s fun to see how I used to draw, how I used to be, how I used to think and feel.  I feel pretty privileged to have something like that in my life I can look back on.


To anyone reading this:  if you’ve been with me a long time thank you for coming along on the ride.

If you are just seeing this in passing and visiting for the first time I hope it brightens your day;j as I hope everything I post to the internet world does.

Cheers 💖


we are days away from American Thanksgiving, which i don’t care about or like – so to ME all it means is we are days away from Christmas <3 <3 <3

I have some new things going on this year, like this 2018 christmas card:



This is going to be  3D card, so stay tuned for more ohotos and designs!



Of course, There are old favorites such as, The Memory Comic Book, all available for purchase now


christmas comic



The Mask We Wear

I took a break from


Inktober, to grieve my awesome Grandmother, who passed away this past Tuesday.   She was a wonderful and loving woman.





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We are almost a week away from Halloween, and I realize what I wonderful time I have had the past 10 years dressing up for Halloween – but also making my dope costumes and showing them off!

Here is the last 10 years of costumes in chrono order – this year’s will be revealed soon!




Inktober 11: Whispering Walls

The Tale of the Whispering Walls – SUCH a good episode that has everything: haunted house, painting that move, babies that turn to snakes, creepy carnival room, and a ghost dance party.

whispering walls


It’s a full moon on leap year, which means the dead can come back and party all night long, but one particular ghost, who is kind of like a creepy John Getz (who is already kind of creepy, so it works really well) wants to do more than party. Raymond the ghost insists on trapping passersby and taking their souls before the sunsets, and almost succeeds by possessing Louis the babysitter.  Luckily, one of the ghosts thinks the girl child looks like her daughter and she opens a door, and ghosts can be in a breeze i guess?  Oh well.  They escape and that’s all that matters.

Xtra-props for the amazing 90s outfits in this one.

Inktober: 10/10

Inktober Day 10: The Frozen Ghost

the frozen ghost


I still remember the night this one first aired perfectly, because it was a “special”, mostly because it was starring our favorite Nickelodeon teen.  She plays babysitter to very wealthy boy Charles (though she’s clearly a terrible babysitter).  There is nothing scarier than a child ghost and poor Charles has one following him around and Clarissa Explains it All refuses to believe him! (to be fair, this is three years before she becomes Sabrina so I guess she’s still a skeptic).   In the end they help the ghost and find gold and Charles gets dirty for the first time in his life and its great, and it’s all a happily ever after.   Except, you know, for the child who froze to death in a log.


Also shout-out again to Kristen, because this was her story, and she has DA BEST ghost stories, though sadly this is the last time we will see her as this was the her last story in the show.


No Mister, accent on the Doh

Inktober Day 9 ! Today’s epsiode:  The Tale of the Dark Dragon.

inktober 9


VERY IMPORTANT:  This story is told by Eric, but he uses Gary’s character Sardo (that’s SAR-DOH, no mister, accent on the Doh) as a gift for “gary’s birthday” Sardo is the only interesting thing Gary ever really creates sadly, but he’s a good memorable character for sure.

Here is yet another example, our third so far, of “Get possessed, get a leather jacket and now your hot” – Are You Afraid of the Dark certainly was not shy about how they feel I guess.

HOWEVER – in this particular example, the more beautiful you become, the more your inner ugliness will come through.  Keith has to learn how to fight his own insecurities and appreciate the people that truly love him, or he will be a monster forever.