Mid-Holiday Fun Time Update

The Wandering Fox is still going… though i’m not so sure anyone is actually reading it yet… oh well!  I still like it…


In the meantime we have lots of fun things coming up soon

1.  a new children’s book that I am helping to illustrate, called The Wild Pumpkin Patch



2. ALSO!  Christmas is right around the corner, so I am working on some new Holiday cards!  Check back in a couple weeks for information on purchasing!

christmas card001

Back to Print

A friend of mine runs a local self-publishing company called Back to Print and last month came out with a wonderful zine collection of stories about FAMILY.  I was asked to do a few illustrations to accompany the stories!

Photo 50

Photo 53

This is one of the drawings inspired by a story of a dad who started feeding wild animals in the back yard.


Im pretty proud; it was the first time i was able to draw BIRDS!

If you live in the Chicago area, stop by Quimby’s to pick up a copy, or one of Back to Print’s other great creations!


Featured Artist: Julie Delporte

BONJOUR!  Artiste du mois est Julie Delporte!





I’ve mentioned Julie on here before, but she’s never officially been a Featured Artist, and I wanted to tell everyone about her new book Je suis un raton laveur  and the raccoon drawing contest she is having on her site.

Check THIS OUT for more information!

Son les ratons laveurs sont tellement adorables !

(How’s my french, Julie – is it OK? )