Fancy Friday!

It’s Friday!  Which means it’s once again fancy Friday!

Since we are in quarantine and working from home and every day is casual day, I like to dress up on Fridays to just feel a little bit better than the average.

Wellness Wednesday: Mak It Up

Welcome to my first Wellness Wednesday!

Normally i try to go for a run every morning, but this morning was pretty cold so i went on a short walk and came back to do something more simple:   Make my BED!

Making your bed in the morning is an easy and simple way to boost yourself up at the beginning of the day.   It’s a small gesture, but its an accomplishment, and I know it helps me with my anxiety personally.

Give it a try!


Best part is that at the end of the day when you are ready to rest and relax after your day, you can come back to a beautiful made up bed – it’s a great feeling!

I hope this little thing helps you today, and as always I hope you are staying safe and healthy.   It’s ok to be sad and overwhelmed right now, so make sure you are taking care of yourself.

Much Love Monday: The Little Things

While I’m in Quarantine I will be doing daily #hashtag posts to keep not only my spirit up, but others!

Mondays are actually going to be going back to a hashtag post i used to do years ago, but let fell by the wayside.   Well i think now is the perfect time to bring it back.

That’s right everyone:  Much Love Monday


It’s Monday and it’s a great beautiful day.   I went for a run and stopped at a fav local neighborhood place, Beans and Bagels.  They’re doing window service for Safety, and everyone in line was friendly and respectful.   I got a donut and cold brew and walked home – it was perfect.   Sun was out, flowers are budding, robin birds flew up and chirped at me – it was the perfect way to start my Monday morning.



I hope all of you out there are having a Monday full love something lovely.


Take Care.

Fancy Friday!

I am trying to make Quarantine life much more fun for myself and for everyone!


Many of us “office types” have casual Friday, but since working from home, EVERY day has become “Casual Day” so I have chosen Friday as my Fancy Day!  FANCY FRIDAY!



Throw Back Thursdays: and Other Quarantine Fun Times

Look, we are having a MOMENT in history, and it’s not a great moment. And to get out of this quickly and safely we have to STAY HOME – and in order to stay home and not lose our gawdamn minds we have to start having a little fun.    Until Quarantine is over I will be doing a:
Much Love Monday

Good News Tues / Tasty Tuesday

Wellness Wednesday

Throwback Thursday

Fancy Frock Friday / Fan Art Friday


Starting today with #Throwback thursday :  Two years ago today I was on a plane to Iceland!


Happy Anniversary ME! 💖


As today is Ash Wednesday in the year of our Lord 2020, it marks the 10th anniversary of this BLOG!  (Hurray!)



Yes indeed, what a strange 10 years it has been. I started the blog when I was 24 years old as a way to share my daily life during the Lenten season.  Fun Fact: I have not celebrated Lent since that year. 🤷🏻‍♀️


Instead this blog morphed into random posts as I grew as a person and as an artist. It started at the beginning of my comics career (said loosely, cuz I don’t do that as a career but I do it much more professionally now I guess?). It’s amazing to think about the person that I was back then.  It wasn’t bad – in fact it was really really good – but I had a lot to go through and a lot of growing to do still.

I’ve never been good at blogging, even back when I cared way more about this blog.  So it never became what I really wanted it to be… but I’m proud of the work that I have accomplished in the past 10 years.  For real –  use the search to look back at the first posts – It’s pretty hilarious.  It’s fun to see how I used to draw, how I used to be, how I used to think and feel.  I feel pretty privileged to have something like that in my life I can look back on.


To anyone reading this:  if you’ve been with me a long time thank you for coming along on the ride.

If you are just seeing this in passing and visiting for the first time I hope it brightens your day;j as I hope everything I post to the internet world does.

Cheers 💖