If I could do just one almost perfect thing

Is this not a great looking vegan meal or what?

Spicy Cumin Potatoes with blanches veggies with Vegan Chocolate Pumpkin Tart and FT Mexican coffee desert (not to mention the glass of chardonnay

i dont know which is a better desert – vegan chocolate pumpkin tart or Jason Schwartzman as a writing detective.

last night i watched the wonderful/cheesy halloween movie HALLOWEENTOWN until 1 in the morning and it was bliss.

It’s what a needed after a hectic weekend.  Im happy to be working so often, i desperately needed the extra money, but I am so exhausted from running around on my feet all day that my comics and sewing projects have taken SERIOUS hits i have a comic due before the end of the month and i have 4 panels sketched – NOT EVEN REDRAWN ON BRISTOL but sketched!  yikes…

speaking of artprize, i think ive had my fill, so here are some more highlights:

i feel like that sometimes

books carved out of wood with socially snarky titles

i want her to win so bad!

Jars of Dreams

self sustaining shanty town! <3

that whole family is a beautiful art project:


I desperately want to find a new, better job.  If i could pick it would be the clerical/social media part time position at the library – dreams dreams dreams… i dont even have time to go around talking to people or handing out apps, or contacting magazine and publishing houses about illustrations.  its all so overwhelming.  One day… hopefully…

For now, enjoy this week’s October jam :

and oldie but a goodie – i cant get enough



It means it’s fall, and halloween, and pumpkins, and apples and cider!  AND AND AND


soon i shall frolic in the orchard.

other than that my entire life as been focused on artprize.  ARTPRIZE ARTPRIZE ARTPRIZE

IM SO OVER ARTPRIZE.   My feet hurt so much.  I have had my fill of 8 hour days, filling literally hundereds of chai tea order because people can’t think of anything interesting to do (or drink).

ArtPrize definitely brings out the snob in me, on all levels.

I just have one thing to say: if the Steam-Pig wins, I am going to end Grand Rapids.


I want Beili Liu to win so bad!

fArtPrize has begun

Right now in my humble city of Grand Rapids there is a festival of epic proportions.


ArtPrize is the largest art prize in the WORLD and our downtown area is literally littered with creativity.

Now I don’t pretend to be an optimist so don’t think I am 100% for ArtPrize.  There’s a huge flaw with public voting procedure (i think they’re should be a panel of judges who are actual artists)  but it’s nice to have our city’s focus be art, especially since i am an artist and all.

And THIS year there is actually a lot of really good stuff.

Here are some of my favorites:

^these reminded me of the flying keys from harry potter :)


^ in my bookstore ;)

Of course…  I know what people send in to artprize…  i dont know why people do the things they do…