Much Love and Some Art

It’s much love Monday, but I also worked on an illustration today that I actually kind of love!

I figured that since I’m a bodacious babe who hopes that she can get to the beach this summer even though it may not happen at all, I figured I’d draw a bodacious babe who also wants to go to the beach this summer but can fulfill her dream because she is fiction.

SummerBabeColorwith background


I’m getting a lot of questions about the Children’s Book i was hired to illustrate, which is amazing – i am so thankful for the support guys!   So here’s a little update on my process so you can see what I’m working on.  I can’t post everything because it’s not my book to announce, but you’ll get the gist.  The story itself is about a boy and girl (and their trusted rubber ducky!) who travel the world in a bathtub and see all the great monuments on bodies of water.  The book is geographically accurate so kids can learn facts about the world and traveling, and is filled with songs and poetry.

Here’s a clip!!!:

I use Strathmore heavy weight bristol board and usually sketch out the drawing with a blue  Kimberly pencil, but this time used a regular No. 2.



Then I use my microns (prisma india ink) and draw the outlines of the smaller or thinner designs for a sleek and straight look

inked tower


I used my brush pen on the trees and some of the water, and go back through with micron pens to fill out the details.  When it’s time for scanning, i pop it into photoshop and adjust the levels…

eiffel tower


et voila!  FIN!


This project has been a lot of fun to work on, and I am incredibly grateful for the experience.

Even though the author hasn’t given me any specific deadlines, I am a little more behind than I would like to be because…

well let’s be honest – ya’ll know i’m a huge nerd…

i’ve been drawing pictures of myself as characters from awesome things that I love – FOR EXAMPLE – here’s one i’m working on of me as a Hogwarts student



Yep – i AM that nerdy.

but more on that later…








And by it i mean the cover and introduction and by done i mean it is drawn, written and inked.



– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –


Last night a friend of mine gave me this poster – The DIY Manifesto

it’s awesome – everything i do and want to be


“So go ahead, build your Maginot Line of  *** jobs, inflated gas prices, controlled schools and mass media.  Throw America in that briar patch.

Where can we live? In straw-bale houses and abandoned building and big group houses in the neighborhoods you dont even notice.

What can we eat? Stuff we grow on rooftops, in backyards, in planters made of milk crates lined with one dollar shower curtains.  And of course the leftovers from your dumpsters.

What can we wear?  Your castoffs, stuff e swap amongst us, stuff we sew and cut down and spiff up and rework a hundred different ways.

How can we get around?  By bikes everywhere, mass transit when we can, biodiesel cars where we must.  With skateboards and scooters and plain ol’ walkin’.  ”


this is just a small portion – its brilliant!   Thanks Jen :)


if youre interested in a copy, check it out HERE!