Happy Birday to MEEEEEEE

Yep folks today is my birthday.  Sad lonley 26th birthday, being spent BY myself, in bed, with cake im allergic to (but am eating cause its delicious)  and a tallll glass of vern ehlers (whiskey and vernors gingerale, named after a michigan gov official)


so on my special day, i thought id share with you my long awaited Wet Hot American Summer music mix:

in this order, beginning with New Order :)



Listen to the full mix here!





*this does not include the drinks friends gave me

*POPTART plate; hammerhead shark napkins; Arcade Fire’s “Suburbs” – thanks Blair!

*homemade story book about ME – thanks bff Amber!

*handmade purse and illustration + other trinkets – thanks Ali!

*bristol board and micropens – thanks Ryan!

*beautiful birthday cards – thanks Natalie and Steven!


*3 comic books from nyc; awesome 2-disc birthday music mix; gorgeous gold fabric from India – thanks Bakketastic <3