I’m keepin’ it rolling – I want to try to post something at least once a week – trying to get my life back!

Here is a comic I drew back in April about our former long-term sub teacher at work, who I followed around gawking at for months.

Spring in Love

Breakup Weekend – PART TWO!




Breakup Weekend Comics – Part 2

no really it’s really funny… Last week i was told by this greg that I wasn’t important enough to make time for and that we’re never going to see each-other again.

And then, a few days later, i broke up with the guy i was currently dating… also named greg.

My life is weird.


Breakup Weekend 2014




breakup comic part 1, part of

*!* BREAKUP WEEKEND 2014 *!*

Oh this comic symbolizes so many things, but mostly inspired by how twice in the past few months ive been dumped around birthdays, in a situation where I am of the position to want to celebrate the other person’s life and I was specifically kept away from the celebration to make a statement of how unimportant I am to them.

The cupcake is a representation of the birthdays, but also symbolizes how generous I try to be in a relationship and instead I have to toss it away because the other person doesnt want anything i have to give.


Breakup Weekend part 2 coming tomorrow – stay tuned.

FINALLY GEEZ – Now lets talk about Ghosts

So like I said last time (two months ago! AH!) my printer was messed up but I finally fixed it WHICH MEANS…   <3 <3 <3 !COMICS! <3 <3 <3   Todays comic is brought to you by people who pretend to like you and then disappear: ghosting_title ghosting1 ghosting2



So my friends, here is a story.

One of the reasons I make comics and share them publicly, especially ones like this, is because I want someone else out there going through the same thing to realize you’re not alone.

This particular story was drawn about two months ago, after my casual relationship with Greg, but it also applies perfectly to my most recent dating experience.  Actually… probably more so, because Dave was the best person I ever dated and felt like relationship was just around the corner.  But then just a few days ago … poof! gone.  I think this one hurt the most. (BTW, Happy Birthday Dave!)*

Yes it sucks, yes you will sit at home and analyze over and over “what did i do?!?!”, “what did I say?!?!”, “what could i have done differently!!!”.  The answer is nothing.  And we all do this.  But ya know what?  IT’S NOT YOU.  Trust me.  When this happens remind yourself that it has nothing to do with you.  It is on them – mostly from lack of maturity and the inability to deal with conflict and confrontation.  Any of the other reasons do not matter.  (and both genders do this btw, not just dudes)

Also, if you have done this… please stop.  It’s a thousand times worse to not know than to know.

Ok well now that we’ve all turned on The Smiths and had a good cry about ourselves, go out and enjoy your life.

Love Ya’ll

– Rachel



*Don’t be mean to comic artists!

~ Ghosting ~

So i finished my most recent comic but sadly my printer and scanner have decided to not work, so it may take a while before we see it :(

Until then, here are some sneak previews






obviously its crappy looking, but Ill upload the finished comic as soon as I get my scanner working!



– – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – – –

Also if anyone is finding me from the Milwaukee Ave Arts Festival I want to say HELLO!  And thanks for stopping by!

This weekend I was asked to do a piece for the MAAF in Logan Square, which included a live painting and drawing session !



Check back soon for some more updates – i have some cool stuff going on !


New Diary Comic about SAD TIME! WHAT A SURPRISE!

It’s been a while since I did a for realz Diary Comic and today when I went to grab coffee and sit and draw one… i realized i forgot my pencil box!  I borrowed a ball-point pen and drew a whole comic without erasing for the first time – I am actually pretty proud!  This comic is my first AS IS comic, no erasing, no white out and the only photo shop is the coloring.  It doesn’t look anything like what I normally do, but I hope ya’ll will enjoy it!




Some notes about this particular comic…

I have this program where you get an email that tells you what happened on that day on Facebook a year ago, and this week was when I first heard this song.  All of us remember, there are over 300 MILLION views on Youtube, and maybe we loved it so much because it was so unfortunately realistic.

I normally wouldn’t put so many words in a comic, but I needed to say it – I’ve always wanted to say it.  And maybe some of you who know me are thinking “OMG WHY IS SHE STILL TALKING ABOUT THIS IT WAS A YEAR AGO” well… sorry, but it happened and  it was rough and hard and it’s a part of me now, and probably always will be.

I like writing about real things and real things aren’t always good, and most things don’t work out, and that’s ok!  We all have dark times but it gets sunny again :)


I love you all!  <3






I am almost caught up with EVERYTHING i needed to do in december, but I have been terribly overwhelmed with everything since recovering from my accident (IN A GOOD WAY!)

I recently got hired to do a children’s book and between that and my day job ive been working over 100 hours a WEEK – needless to say ive had no time and have been a wee-bit tired.

SO starting today, I am offically a full-time freelancer while I work on the book, and in hopes that i will pick up more work in the mean time – it’s scary but exciting.

That being said, obviously there was no EMPTY BED last week… or THIS WEEK

I am changing the Empty Bed posts from Monday to Tuesday, so look at for that later tonight!

so for now, here’s a little comic i did this morning about my last week…

yay being an adult!