Mid-Holiday Fun Time Update

The Wandering Fox is still going… though i’m not so sure anyone is actually reading it yet… oh well!  I still like it…


In the meantime we have lots of fun things coming up soon

1.  a new children’s book that I am helping to illustrate, called The Wild Pumpkin Patch



2. ALSO!  Christmas is right around the corner, so I am working on some new Holiday cards!  Check back in a couple weeks for information on purchasing!

christmas card001


In a mere 11 DAYS I will be launching The Wandering Fox – a new comic series based on my family history, beginning with my great grandfather, John Stocker, in Cornwall, England.

You can visit the site at The Wandering Fox Comic, which will start on October 1!!!

And you can of course Like the comic on Facebook, to make sure you’re getting updates on the comic and etc !

Also, if you live in or near the Chicago area I will be talking about the wandering Fox next week at Quimby’s with Laydeez do Comics,  Thursday September 26 at 7 p.m.

wandering fox post-card


I ACTUALLY started my book – the book ive been thinking about, and scribbling on napkins and receipts, for two years.  the story that ive been writing my entire life.


why now?

Because I wasn’t able to raise enough money for school.  HOWEVER, i am still moving there, and I am not giving up, because… well because that’s just not in my makeup.  If I fail, or if you tell me that I can’t, it just makes me want to do it more, and better for that matter…

SOOOOOO here.  Here are the first three pages.  And that’s all you’re getting!!!  THAT’S ALL!  BECAUSE I AM GOOD AT THIS, AND YOU SHOULD WANT TO READ THIS BOOK BECAUSE ITS GOOD.