Yeah, I went there.

Hey!  Guess what!  After years of abandonment I have reopened my Etsy shop just for Christmas!  Specifically to sell my new Christmas cards!!!

Please browse through if you’re interested in some hand illustrated cards this year!

Visit the shoppe HERE


INSIDE READS: "All I want for Christmas is to wrap my arms around you"

INSIDE READS: “All I want for Christmas is to wrap my arms around you”


"Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays"

“Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays”

package of cards

christmas card001

Miscellaneous Friday Post

Last year I lived in White River Junction, VT, where the Center for Cartoon Studies is – it’s an… interesting place, make no mistake.  I have a love/hate relationship with the tiny little new england hamlet, but I do miss it sometimes, and will certainly NEVER forget my time there.  Recently the awesome local vintage/handmade/resale clothing store, REVOLUTION, made a “It’s Not So Bad” shirt – it was too hilarious to not buy!

Photo 35

Other than that, here is just a doodle I did last night




Last but not least – my cartoonist friend ALEX NALL made a comic about the reading i was at the other night – Im the BLUE ONE!






I’ve got three new Christmas cards this year, and one is old classic !

They are $3 each or 10 for $20

To order email me at rachel.f.t.foss@gmail.com and I will send you a PayPal invoice.

for $.50 you can have a personalized message inside as well.

If you live in Chicago, you can find them at Wolfbait in Logan Square, but you’re going to pay A LOT more for them!!!


INSIDE READS: “All I want for Christmas is to wrap my arms around you”


“Sending warm thoughts to you this Holiday Season”


“Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays”


“Wishing you many wonderful treasures this holiday season”




Across the Waters

So a while back I posted about the over seas comic with my friend Nick… well four months later he FINALLY sent me his first panel.






… i … just don’t know where to go from here

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On repeat today: